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Mock The Zuma

Mock The Zuma By Daniel Ceballos
Mock The Zuma By Daniel Ceballos

Leading figure of The new Mexican underground electronic scene, the young Mock The Zuma -barely 20 years old- is the creator of strange and captivating futuristic hymns where concasse rhythms and unexpected textures intertwine in an impressively mastered and emotionally contained organised chaos.

If in Mock The Zuma's productions a melting pot inspired by disparate influences can be found (grime , bass music , early dubstep , UK garage, film soundtrack samples and video games ... ), it’s the context in which it is conceived that gives this music it’s powerful singularity. Born and raised in Ciudad Juarez , city worn down by two decades of confrontations between law enforcement and cartels, Mock The Zuma has spent more time within four walls –just like his pals from collective Lowers- than outside in pubs and clubs of Ciudad Juarez.

This particular context, together with a musical culture obtained online and thanks to the proximity of Juarez with the US, is at the center of this brand new borderline music, totally unique in its kind and ever-changing, intensity which can be experienced starting from the very first notes of the 2nd EP for Fullfridge music.

Whether in an underground club or on home turntables, Mock The Zuma's dark and surreal music simply has no equivalent..

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