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Housetone - Abysmal Yellow Vol.01

1 - HOUSETONE - The noise of looking down
2 - HOUSETONE - The gazing-back din

Cat. Num. : FRIDG001
Written by Housetone.
Mixed & Mastered by Kinou
@ Cook/Play//&//Clap Studio.
(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 - Fullfridge Music 2011).

First from the first

Fullfridge Music is proud to present you its first release by uncovering Housetone, who choosed the newcomer French Alps bass label to provide his debut single. He entrusts us today with the first part of his ambitious "Abysmal Yellow" project, seen as the ouverture of an exclusive serie.

1. The noise of looking down
The first track structure testifies of his real taste for anticipated production which is served with a singular storyline.The energy provided by his emphased research on echoes and depth is all the more surprising : the long-awaited swinging bass makes this track sound like a real introspective light cut-out, able to rule any languishing dancefloors.

2. The gazing-back din
The following piece sets the scene quicker by confirming a direct ice-break, delivered by a serious skanky rhythm which tends to carve out a cacophonic space, definitely full of minimal clues. Overpitched and streched acidic synths floating on a sensual airwave, driven by a ruff bass line calls the lovers to end up preliminaries!

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Housetone - Abysmal Yellow Vol.01 (FRIDG001)
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Housetone - Abysmal Yellow Vol.01 (FRIDG001)

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