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Lokom aka Non5ilent -
Good News From Mars/ Blurred Vision

A - Good News From Mars
B - Blurred Vision

Cat. num. : FRIDG013

Written By Odin Lemarechal
Recorded "Chez Denis"
Mixed By Kinou & Cloudnumber
Mastered By Rashad Becker @ Duplate & Mastering (Berlin)
All Rights Reserved

At a time when the weekly flow of new albums, EPs and mixtapes come to exceed the number of e-mails that pile up in our inbox, the dazzle in Lokom’s new double single is like the long anticipated rainfall season in a tropical country: nothing protrudes yet everything is present. Totally melodic and surprisingly quiet despite its fabulous rhythmic complexity, Good News From Mars soothes like a perfect conversation in a sea of things left unsaid. At the same time dry, blazing and melancholic, Blurred Vision recalls the Brooklyn duo Team Shadetek in their early 2000 years, when the two were still hesitating between ambient warpish glitch and grime jolts. When combined, both tracks offer a vision inspired by the union in 2014 of electronica and experimental dance : an infinity of possibilities where hope still exists.

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