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Mock the Zuma - Replicators EP

A1 - Yonke Sounds
A2 - Selune Diskport
B1 - Sedativos
B2 - Riptide Streets

Cat. num. : FRIDG012

Written By Kevin Santana
Mixed By Kinou
Mastered By Rashad Becker @ Duplate & Mastering (Berlin)
Tous Droits Réservés

With a genuine evolution since the first release for Fullfrigde two years back, the young prodigy Mock The Zuma returns with a new EP which is a like taking a breathless dive into an extraordinary world of rhythms and sounds.

Dreamlike futuristic soundtracks straight from urban Mexico 2028, revisited through the prism of the new worldwide bass music (grime , post- dubstep, future garage ... ), a cross-border musical fantasy, which paradoxically wouldn’t look out of place on the five continent’s most cutting-edge dance-floors. Powerful hymns with immediate seduction potential, yet sufficiently complex to last over time, the memorizing Yonke Sounds and Sedativos found as an opening tracks on each side of the EP, somehow constitute like the foundation stones, while the more experimental Selune Diskport and Riptide Streets, allow to push the exploring of unusual dark and captivating climates just one step further.

Finally, when taken all together, this Replicators EP imposes as one of the Fullfridge Music catalog's masterpieces, respectful of what has been before but sufficiently audacious to open new peripheral byways, that will-and we place the bet- not fail to impress.

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