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V.A. Classics from the Bluweirdo :
Perspectives on sounds with a World-Fi Tribe

Selected & Compiled By Cloudnumber/.
Cat. num. : FRIDG014

Mixed By artists.
Mastered By Kinou @ Lordahome studio.
Artwork By BrestBrestBrest/Photo is a project by Joe Malia.
All Rights Reserved

"Turn On, Weird in, Drop Out"

Many roads lead to the origin of the Fullfridge Music label’s first compilation. But lets start with the most relevant facts. Twelve new titles, signed by fourteen of the utmost inspiring producers of the moment, aged from 20 to 40 years old and coming from some of the farthest corners of the earth: Ciudad Juarez, Tokyo, Manama, Cairo, Tunis, Philadelphia, Montreal, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Biarritz and ... Grenoble, where the label was born.

Yet this worldwide selection has always been void of any particular desire for prestige. As Cloudnumber - the brains behind the compilation- reminds us: “Nice doesn’t win an argument”. So if there were anything that could definitely not be ignored in this selection, it would be its love for contrast and paradoxes. Hot or cold? Ethnology or exoticism? Digital or analogue? Utopian or Dystopian? Traditional or futuristic? Global network or remoteness? New technologies or DIY? Virtual reality or fantasized virtuality? Rather than ready-made answers and three step business plans, the Classics From the Bluweirdo’s wireless tribe prefers unsolvable issues and accidentally crossing paths by sheer luck. And this is exactly where it finds its relevance. After all, what would a label’s editorial line be if not a poetic attempt to interpret the world with rhythms, sounds and melodies? To build bridges between schools of thought initially considered contradictory
or unrelated? To clear paths through new territories while keeping up with the world’s ongoing buzz?

Addressing all these issues, we could almost forget to talk about the music, which would be a shame since that’s really what everything’s about. One foot in experimental, the other in dance music and ears bathing in bass, Classics From the Bluweirdo drops the perfect wobbly equilibrium to dive into the delights of imbalance: Icy soundtrack from a tropical island stuck in an eternal sunset and governed by a king in exile (The King Of The Bluweirdo?), this compilation proposes a somewhat cheeky way to experience the traditional 2014 tunes, emphasizing on street corners instead of the deep web futurism. Points of view are everything, as always... Perspectives on sounds with a World-Fi Tribe.

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