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W/ Special Guest : Rescue

Here is a new episode from Nomadic Fullfridge "Weird In" Sessions : Rescue, hustlin Grenoble since 2003 with most versatile projects in the town such as her records shop, parties and regular radioshows, is on another level now. Dealing with sound and radiophonic creation, she runs her monthly Dream.Like.Sound radioshow as an experimental serie dedicated to sound reverie and contemplation. Sharing this same taste fo "Work in progress" mixes, Cloudnumber invited her to help him one night in the library, so much goodness in the archives... Prick up your ears !
More info : noearnosound.net

Cloudnumber Playlist :
Chiwoniso - Colonized Demonized (Radio Continental Drift)
Pascal Comelade - Musique Pour Les Ascenseurs (Parasite)
Asian Women on the Telephone - In To Ten (Self released)
Loom - Rain Falls Hard Here (Gobstopper Records)
Aphex Twin - 7 Cutting (Self released)
John Coltrane Quartet - The Drum Thing
Damba Primary School - Anthem (Radio Continental Drift)
Logos & Mumdance - Chaos Engine (Tectonic)
Libra - Transfer III (Cinevox)
Tolouse Low Trax - Boarding To Rio (Amontillado Music)
Kahn & Neek - Can't Look Away (Bandulu)
High Wolf - Swallow Pills With Ganga River Water (Bathetic Records)
Senyawa - Di Kala Sudah
(Played By Charles Cohen, Conundrums - Robert Turman Version)(Morphine Records).
Orchestre Régional De Mopti - Récital (Séku Amadou)
Alireza Mashayekhi Ata Ebtekar Sote - Miniature Tune (Sub Rosa)
Maurice Louca- It Will Set (Nawa Recordings)
Bernard Parmegiani - Matières Induites (Recollection GRM)
Hama - Tarhanam (Hadani) (Sahel Sounds.

Rescue Playlist :
Dominique Petitgand - Le son du tonneau - Edition Circuit
Eliane Radigue - Etude / Opus 17 - Alga Marghen
Endrik Singerdât - Enregistré par Ola Okfors, 1980 / Inuit - Fifty Five Historical Recordings - Sub Rosa.
Mr. Lizard - Catch This Cold / Grim Dubs vol.4 - Werkdiscs
Sack und Blumm - 5 Ballungen / 2 x 5 - Staubgold
Johnny Trunk - Le train fantôme / Study Series 06 - Ghost Box
San Proper & "De Schepper' with his ferrari - Apple'o'Adam in the Eve… / Proper's A'dam Family Series part3 - Rush Hour.
Henri Chopin - Les 9 Saintes-phonies / Les 9 Saintes-phonies - Staalplaast.
Esplendor Geometrico - Bucle 1 / Ultraphoon - Geometrik
??? - 50 Weapons 002
Henri Chopin - Jouissance des lèvres / Les 9 Saintes-phonies - Staalplaast.
Ultra Red - Cruise Control (Griffith Park Jam) Remixed by Local 303 / Ode To Johnny Rio - Comatonse.
Of - Ferns Will Crumble / Div/orce Series 5 - Ache Records
Une famille de Samiangs / Le monde des singes - Enregistrements de Jean C. Roché - Frémeaux & Associés.
Wolfgang Voigt - Umbau 2.2 - Protest
Jaap Blonk - Glasslass / Flux de bouche - Staalplaat
Tim Berresheim - Wassenberg 1975 bis 2006 / No Time Left - Enventuell.
Margot - Yes I Noise / Trentaseitrenta - Holger
Cinq Jüüzli (solo de femme) / Jüüzli, Jodel du Muotatal Suisse - Enregistrements de Hugo Zemp - Le chant du monde, Collection du CNRS Musée de l'homme.
Arpanet - No Boundry Condition / Reference Frame - Record Makers
Jaap Blonk - Frictional / Flux de bouche - Staalplaat
Felix Kubin & Wojt3k Kucharczych - Grunwald Tannenberg / TerriTerrorTorium - MikMusik / Gagarin
Esplendor Geometrico - Jeque de Aljama / Sheikh Aljama - Geometrik.
Felix Kubin & Ensemble Intégrales - Schwarzer Fluss / Echohaus - Dekorder
Institut Für Feinmotorik - Behalte du dreinen Traum, ich behalte das Geld! / Penetrans - Staubgold.
Henri Chopin - Double Extension w/ Sten Hanson / Les 9 Saintes-phonies - Staalplaast.
Korg Monotron
Freeform - Software Exaggeration / Human - Skam
K'iwingatâk - Enregistré par William Thalbitzer, 1906 / Inuit - Fifty Five Historical Recordings - Sub Rosa.
Czerwone Gitary - ?ledztwo zakochanego

Recorded Live on Februrary 19th, 2015
at Radio Campus Grenoble 90.8

Shout out to Lokom for the editing/ Much Luv to Lily Cup for the photo.

Cloudnumber only

Here is a new episode from Nomadic Fullfridge "Weird In" Sessions : Home Sweet Home, Cloudnumber is spinning some vinyls, K7, Mini-discs to 128kps for a perfect 1hour nap. Take it zzzzzz..... We keep an eye peeled on the road !

Playlist :
Austin Cesear - New Years Eve Eternity Is Forever
Coil - Teenage Lighting 2005
Lee Gamble - Oneiric Contur
Akito - Aqua Tryst
Gamelan Angklung - Ketewel Village - Hujan Mas
Morphosis - Music For Vamyr (III) Finale
Felicita - Bring it
Matthew Heberts - Touch
Stefan Jo?s - 03
Lokom - Soluble
Patten - Softer
? - 12ten
M-O-R-S-E - C a r r y m e
? - ?
DJ HVAD - Korla Gabber
Masafumi Ogata - Tidal Tempest "P" Mix
Gobby - Sorts Of Big Tits
Sculpture - Cultural Construction
Children in Djounhan - Bellulla

Recorded Live on Jan 22nd, 2015
at Radio Campus Grenoble 90.8

Photo credit : Lily Cup
s/o to Kinou, Pabléo Picassa, Lokom, Mock The Zuma & M-O-R-S-E
Next is Always a Special/ Wait for the Signal !

W/ Special Guest : Don't DJ

Here is a new episode from Nomadic Fullfridge "Weird In" Sessions : Passing By Grenoble for a few days musical experimentations, our friend Don't DJ performing also with the one & only Durian Brothers band, came to challenge Cloudnumber for a 2hour unique back to back Session! Rollercoaster on my mind!

Don't DJ B2B Cloudnumber
September Song - The Young Gods
Blurred Vision - Lokom
? - ?
? - ?
Asia - Wonder
Music in The World of Islam - Reeds & Bagpipes - Unknown artists.
Good Morning in the Sanskar Valley - Buddhist Monks of Maitri Viha                        
Bicho Bolita (Rafael Aragon Kumbhangra Remix) - Freak Castro
Hana-Hana - Cheb Khaled & Safy Boutella
? - ?
Hakken Dub - Aïsha Devi
So Cu Pe (Gijs Scheeringa Remix) - Funana
Muziki Asili Yake Wapi - Zaiid
Luc Marianni - Orient Green Grm (Bass Clef Remix)
Eye Of A Needle - The Art of Noise
Chant of the Moon - Robert Drasnin
Hum Ghar Sajan - Haruomi Hosono
Dxtral - Sote
Loefah - The Goat Stare
Tanin Bune - Naomi Tani
Cumbia Piu-Più (El Barba Dub ft.Paolo A. RMX) - Rafael Aragon
Aku Aku - Martin Denny
Xylophon Duo - Angolan Border
Burundi Black (Side b) - Burundi Steïphenson Black
Danse De Fête - unknown artsists
unnamed/unreleased - Don't DJ
Ithemba Lakho - Ladysmith Black Azo
4e mode - Le BYÂDH - Al-Hamal Ment Dendanni et ses enfants
Ndeye Gueye (with Doudou Ndiaye Rose) - Jeri-Jeri
Ali's Here - Ali Farka Toure
? - ?
Chappell - Barnt
Double Dragon (Logos Remix) - Rabit
Recorded Live on November 21st, 2014
at Radio Campus Grenoble 90.8

Large up to The Local Crew for the Week-end, Kinou, Youpidou, Lokom, Dom's For the Dance & All the Flo'ers in the house! Much Luv to Lily Cup for the photo.
Next is Always a Special/ Wait for the Signal !

W/ Special Guest : Fergus Clark

Here is a new episode from Nomadic Fullfridge "Weird In" Sessions : Landing for the Glasgow Experimental Music Week in Grenoble with Al White, Joss Allen & Stewart Brown from the Dissolving dancefloor (Subcity Radio), Fergus Clark came to deliver us a special improvisation. 1hour pure Session !

Dutch E Germ - Becoming Chaina
Rhythm & Sound w/ Shalom - We Been Troddin
Peuple du Maloya - Mon Patrie Mon Boucé Manzé
David Fanshawe - African Sanctus (45 RPM)
Percussions de Côte d'Ivoire - Xylophone Jabo
Don't Dj - Swifts
Brey - Monies (FT Vinny Radio)
Lokom - Good News From Mars (Forhcoming Fullfridge Music)

Fergus Clark
Stephane Laporte - Related
Suns of Arqa - ??
Whilst - Untitled from North Africa
Demdike Stare - Shangaan Electro
6k - Tighten
Implog - She Creatures
The Detonators - Special Request
Early bee - Imitator
Unknown - blank label dancehall version
Kambo Super Sound - 1537 dub
Project Democracy - Is This Dream For Real?
Unknown - Noise 7"
Two dogs in a House - I Want You Girl
Marcellus Pittman - FXHE #2
Ismistik - Bulb
Shackleton - I am Animal
Digital Mystikz - Misty Winter
Ruff Sqwad - XTC vs Misty Cold

El Mahdy Jr - Last Deal
Malayeen - Dina
? - ?
Randomer - Odd
Beneath - Bubble
Dro Carey - ? (45 RPM)
James Hoff - Blaster (45 RPM)
Rhyuichi Sakamoto - Before Long + Neo Geo
Rabit - Double Dragon

Recorded Live on September 5th, 2014
at Radio Campus Grenoble 90.8

Large up to Denis aka Youpidou for the Week, Phrax Bax, Antinote Records, Whilst (Optimo Music), Lokom. Much Luv to Lily Cup for the photo & Sula.
Next is Always a Special/ Wait for the Signal !

W/ Special Guest : Boubou

Here is a new episode from Nomadic Fullfridge "Weird In" Sessions : Back from Israel and Palestine, Boubou made some personal street&fields recordings of her journey and her encounters. She joins Cloudnumber who delivers an exclusive 2hours mix of the finest Ethno & Electronic Experimental producers currently running this scene from North Africa to Middle East.


1st Part
Street&Field recordings By Boubou :
Muezzin, St marc’s road, armenian district, old city of Jerusalem, Israël.
Song :« Yerushalaïm of Gold », western wall, jewish district, old city of Jerusalem, Israël.
Demonstration, Sheikh Jarrah district, East Jerusalem, Israël.
« Jerusalem Day », 1st June, muslim district, old city of Jerusalem, Israël.
Fireworks, rooftop, armenian district, old city of Jerusalem, Israël.
Market, Damascus Gate, muslim district, old city of Jerusalem, Israël.
Bus 21, Hebron’s road, on the way to Palestine.
In the car, on the way back from Hebron, Palestine.
Party on the lake, Tiberiade, Northern Israël.
Birds and piano, on a bench, Zetaf, Northern Israël.
Wedding on the gate, Akko, Northern Israël.
Itamar playing guitar, Jaffa street, Jerusalem, Israël.
In the street, Aïda Camp, behind the wall, Palestine.
The fridge in my appartment, Aïda Camp, Palestine.
Engaged from Aïda Camp, 2 am in the morning, Palestine.
Children’s walk, silwan district, East Jerusalem, Israël.
Muezzin, in my room, 4 am in the morning, Aïda Camp, Palestine.
The singer, Egyptian TV, in the living room, Aïda Camp, Palestine.
Barmitzvah, western wall, jewish district, old city of Jerualem, Israël.

2nd Part
Special Mix By Cloudnumber

(Vinyls/ Digitals/ Cds/ Soundscapes)

Maurice Louca - Flood Lights
Hasan Hujairi - Canis Lupus
Aly Talibab ?-? ??? ??? ????? ???
Hello Psychaleppo - The Eternal Anthem Of Palestine
Morphosis - Music for Vampyr (III) Finale
Rabih Beaini - Kessara1
Hasan Hujairi - Labcoats on Sale
Lucie Eidenbenz - ?
Fatima Al Qadiri - Warn U
Hasan Hujairi - How to Be a Good Placement
El Mahdy Jr. - Douga Douga
Hussein Sherbini - Fairchild55
Ahmed Saleh - Titre
Soundscape By Boubou Muezzin TV, in the appartment, Aïda Camp, Palestine.
Googoosh - Gol Bi Goldoon
Targan - Dugah Saz Semai revisited by Hasan Hujairi
Rikslyd - Oriented
Turgun Alimatov - Rokhat
Idassane Wallet Mohamed - Aylana
Le Marchand du Soleil - Laila Je T'Aime
Fatimah Al-Zaelaeyah - Qat, Coffee & Qambus - Ya Mun Dakhal Bahr Al-Hawa.
Muslimgauze - Vanilla jellaba
Sameh Koko - ?
Dj Sardena - Haty Bosa Ya Seto
Oka Ortega & She7ta Karika - Gens Na3m
Dj Abosahar - ?
DJ Yahia - ?
Houari Mazouzi - Champoin
Soundscape By Boubou, Ramallah’s party, in a bar, Palestine.

Photo By www.lilycup.co.uk/

Recorded Live in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Aïda Camp, Zetaf, Tiberiade, Hebron, Ramallah and Tel Aviv Between May 13th and August 9th 2011 for the majority of Soundscapes broadcasted & March 14th, 2014 for Mix @ Radio Campus Grenoble 90.8

Special Thanx :

- Boubou : I thank warmly all the israelis and palestinians who took their time to welcome and relate to me their life stories in that territory where after many travels I actually could record the daily life sounds and Mike Cloudnumber who worked on this project a lot and gave it a different, strange and new breath.

Cloudnumber : Special Thanx to Boubou and all artists involved for their trust, my Grandma for her place to meditate, Damien Grimbert for the lovely Controler which hates my computer, Ahmed Saleh, Zied Shinigami San, Sylvain (Radio Campus Grenoble) & Lokom aka Non5ilent for Technical help and advices.

Cloudnumber only

Here is a new episode from Nomadic Fullfridge "Weird In" Sessions :Back from Mexico, Cloudnumber introduces a new collaboration with Mock The Zuma & gives a large place to his Next Replicators Ep comin' on 12" the April 29th on Fullfridge.

Playlist (Vinyl Only) :
Mock The Zuma - Sedativos (Fullfridge Music)
Mock The Zuma - Riptide Streets (Fullfridge Music)
Shackleton - Freezing Opening Thawing (Septic Heart)
Ballet National du Senegal - Sakho Fassa
Ballet National du Senegal - Diankey Wali
Masos - Inicio (Nuclear)
Skream - Repercussions of a Razorblade (Swamp81)
Mock The Zuma - Selune Diskport (Fullfridge Music)
Joe - Slope (Hessle Audio)
Harmonious Thelonious Meets Ben Zabo - Danna (H.T Remix)
Geiom - Feat. Marita - Reminissin' (Berkane Sol)
Dj Marfox - Pensamentos (Principe)
Dj Trajic - La Fiesta (Strictly Hype Records)
Willie Burns - Washed Hands (The Trilogy Tapes)
Musica Contemporanea de Camara - Sin Titulo + Solo para Piano + Fusion (EMI Capitol de Mexico)
Konono n°1 - Kiwembo (Crammed Discs)
Orquestra de Percusiones de la Universidad Nacional Autonom de Mexico
- Concierto Para Piano/Timbales/ Campanelli Xilofono y Bateria
- Direccion : Julio Vigueras Alvarez (Voz Viva)
Gabriel Mesa Y su Organo Chevere - Luna Salvage (Zeida)

Recorded Live on March 18th, 2014
at Radio Campus Grenoble 90.8

Photo credit : Lily Cup

W/ Special Guest : Gospel:Ach

Here is a new episode from Nomadic Fullfridge "Weird In" Sessions : Cloudnumber introduces Youpidou (Play on Radioshow - Grenoble)& his Gospel House side story under his moniker Gospel:Ach for 1 dj set-archives : "Bless the Dance" is the Word !
10 to 11 pm by Cloudnumber (Vinyl only)
Ask me for Playlist !
11 to Midnight by Gospel:Ach aka Youpidou (dj Set)
Same !
Recorded on December 17th, 2013
at Radio Campus Grenoble 90.8

Photo credit : Lily Cup

W/ Special Guest : Lokom aka Non5ilent

Here is a new episode from Nomadic Fullfridge "Weird In" Sessions : Cloudnumber introduces Non5ilent aka Lokom for 1 hour Live Session diggin up a pure acid juice from a abstract mix of machines.
10 to 11 pm by Cloudnumber (Vinyl only)
Feel free to ask for tracks in the list.
11 to Midnight by Non5ilent (Live)
Recorded on November 5th, 2013
at Radio Campus Grenoble 90.8

Photo credit : Lily Cup